Why Choose O'Leary Insurances?

We are your Local – National advisor.

Having a presence at 7 different locations in Ireland means our Insurance Brokers are closer to our clients, in every respect, than most of our competitors.

Our personal service includes visiting our clients at their place of work or residence if required.

If you contact us by telephone we will prioritise your call and focus on your enquiry immediately.

We have substantial accounts with all leading insurers in Ireland and this adds to the strength of our relationship with them. We believe this does helps us get the best deal for our clients.

Have you had a claim?

Have you had a claim?

Few people escape the misfortune of a financial loss as a result of a natural calamity or simple human error at some stage and if properly insured the payment received will assist greatly in compensation for the loss.

The correct handling of an insurance claim leading to satisfactory settlement may be a simple straightforward matter or alternatively it may involve complex attention and ultimately a significant degree of negotiation with insurers and it is in such circumstances that the skill of an experienced , insurance advisor is of true value. Contrast this approach with that of a direct insurer whose interests are conflicted between claim settlement on the one hand and impact on their own balance sheet on the other. " Full and final settlement " can mean different things to different people!

We have 50+ years experience of helping people and firms through the difficult post-loss period and thereafter of guiding the preparation of the claim and onward to its conclusion.

From property losses as a result of fire and flood with a quantum in excess of €5m per claim to liability claims of like magnitude we have been proud to provide our experience and help our valued clients reinstate their property with adequate property insurance and restore their businesses to successful trading with comprehensive business insurance cover.

We obviously do not wish our clients any misfortune but in the event that our loss handling services are required we are here to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with them providing decades of experience which, we are confident, help bring their claim to a satisfactory conclusion.